Preventative Maintenance

25 points of inspection, unlimited peace of mind

Reduce unexpected downtime while increasing safety with our comprehensive preventative maintenance offer. Gain the confidence that your machine is performing at its highest level while extending its lifetime with the expert technicians at ALM.

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What does the preventative maintenance service include?

Like any machine, proper care and upkeep of your positioner is key to gaining all of the benefits of utilizing a positioner, from safety and ergonomics to productivity and ROI. While durability and performance are a given, your positioner needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s ready to do the heavy lifting for years to come. Trust our expert technicians’ thorough 25-point inspection to ensure your positioner is always functioning at its safest and best.

Services include:

  • Inspection of the structural, electrical and safety systems of your positioner
    Grease of all rotational points.
  • Inspection of lift function and grease column if needed and accessible.
  • Receive an end of visit report with inspection sheet that will be provided for each unit with notes on any concerns that may need to be addressed.
  • 10% discount on parts purchased for 12 months following the preventative maintenance visit.

Interested in pricing, the pre-maintenance services customer checklist and more? Download our sales sheet.

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