When it comes to ergonomics, it all comes down to comfort and productivity. 

No longer will employees need to crawl under and over the part, by using ladders and scaffolding, kneeling and lying on the floor. This is exhausting to team members and will minimize the risk of injury as well as reduce fatigue and offer safer operations.  When you give employees the ability to elevate and rotate the part with the help of a positioner, they can work in the position most comfortable to them. 

We’ll work with your team

Many companies now have ergonomic departments that look for ways to improve working environments. ALM Positioners will work with your team to manufacture a positioner to your specific needs and ergonomic requirements. This helps protect your employees from injuries and also allows work cells to be easily modified for different employees.

Attracting and retaining your workforce

It is a known fact, skilled employees are in short supply these days. The ergonomic improvements that positioners offer to your workforce can play a big role in attracting and retaining good employees. Instead of having to climb up and down a ladder, weld overhead or assemble on the ground, your employees can work comfortably and feel better at the end of the day. Utilizing a positioner increases employee longevity. 

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