Product Videos

Manual vs. Positioner Time-lapse
Check out how we built two identical positioner columns, one using the standard fork trucks and hoists and the other using our 3-axis skyhook. The result: using ALM positioners improves safety, quality, and productivity.
Heavy Duty Container Manufacturer Gains 40 Percent in Product Throughput
E-Pak Manufacturing maximizes the productivity of gondola trailers after deploying a 55,000 lb. ALM positioner.
2020 A Unique Year Creating Unique Partnerships
ALM Positioners, INC. prides itself on being a customer focused solution provider. By partnering with other industry leaders, our customers know what it's like to be put first and have a solution that has been tailored to their specific needs. To find out more, or to get a quote on your custom solution, visit or call (309) 787-6200. Video Credit: Bluco Corporation
ALM Positioners - 75K HD
This is our 75,000 LB. Heavy Duty Fixed Headstock & Tailstock.
ALM Positioners 15-2920A at FABTECH 2019 Chicago
Positioners result in higher profits, productivity, and reduced consumables. They can boost your production throughput by as much as 40%.
ALM Positioners in Assembly
Our positioners can be tailored to the unique demands of your manufacturing challenges and engineered with versatility in case your needs change.
Robotic Integration with Hydraulic Elevating Headstock & Tailstock Positioner
FABTECH Atlanta, GA 2018 showcasing robotic integration with the ALM hydraulic elevating headstock & tailstock positioner.
Meet our Fabricators
See how our positioners have improved our team members' welding process here at ALM Positioners, INC.
Robot Ready ALM Welding Positioners 2020
Robot ready hydraulic welding positioners increase productivity and safety.
ALM Welding Positioners Three Axis Skyhook 2020
Heavy Duty single column 3 axis skyhook positioner.
Customer Testimonial - Chesapeake Yachts
Welding positioners increase productivity and safety.
ALM Welding Positioner Advantage
Welding positioners increase productivity and safety.
ALM Short Stroke Welding Positioners
Welding positioners increase productivity and safety. This new mobile unit has 15,000 pounds of lifting capacity.
ALM Three Axis Skyhook Positioner - 3,500 LB Capacity
Welding positioners increase productivity and safety.
ALM Welding Positioners and Fixtures
The proper fixtures will bring additional versatility and precision to our welding/assembly positioners.
ALM Welding Positioners Overview
Headstock & Tailstock or Single Column our welding positioners will increase productivity and safety. Let us show you how.
Headstock Tailstock Positioner with Independent Lift
Independent elevation adjustment on the headstock and the tailstock on this welding positioner.
Fixed Height Headstock Tailstock Welding Positioner
15,000 pound capacity positioner with a tacking fixture in place..
Bucket Boom fabrication using ALM Welding Positioner
Welding positioner lift aids in boom fabrication.
Welding with a single column ALM Positioner Lift
An MHL1P Positioner at work.
Three Axis Skyhook Positioner
Full 360° rotation on two axis. Welding positioners increase productivity and safety.
Three Axis Drop Center Welding Positioners
Headstock/Tailstock positioner with a drop center fixture allowing 360° of rotation on 2 axis.