ALM Positioners can make your operation safer.

Hooking large, heavy parts and fixtures to chains, forklifts and cranes can be dangerous for all employees. Straps and chains can slip and break and can lead to parts falling or swinging uncontrollably.

Positioners eliminate those hazards by securely elevating and rotating parts to an optimal working position. Positioners also eliminate the need for welders or assemblers to use ladders, scaffolding or other equipment to climb on a part or lie under it.

Safety and confidence built-in

Our positioners are structurally designed to a 3:1 safety factor

Welders and operators feel safer knowing that they are working with equipment that is specifically designed to lift, rotate and hold their parts securely. 

Simple operation

ALM Positioners feature a simple user interface that makes it easy for operators to confidently use the positioners 

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