Return on Investment

ALM Positioners deliver higher efficiency, improved productivity and reduction in safety issues. That’s because we’ve pinpointed the inefficiencies associated with welding, assembly, and labor, and built a range of products that streamline manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our positioners can boost your production throughput by as much as 30-40%+ and most of our customers see a return on investment in less than 12 months.

Here’s how:

Maximum arc time

Gone are the days of waiting for cranes to move a part. ALM Positioners allow operators to safely speed up the handling portion of rotating a part and orient that part for the best access. This saves labor hours and increases the welder’s arc time.

Optimal orientation

You’ll be amazed at the improvement in production rates when parts are correctly positioned for welding or assembly. Positioners that allow your employees to access parts in an optimal position empower him or her to work more confidently, safely and efficiently.


We have designed and built our positioners with your evolving manufacturing needs in mind. Our lineup of positioners is versatile and customizable.

Less time wasted

Using pre-taught one-touch automated positioning, ALM Positioners dramatically increase productivity and reduce wasted time. 

Quicker training

By using our positioners, inexperienced or new employees are able to learn their job processes quicker. More efficient employees result in significant improvement without additional costs—all while being safer.

Try our online calculator to determine your ROI and payback.

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