Re-deployable Investment

When your needs change, so do our positioners. 

We have designed and built our positioners with your changing business needs in mind. Our suite of products is modular, making them versatile and easy to customize to your evolving business needs.

Instead of purchasing a new positioner, you can leverage your investment with re-deployable capital by upgrading your automation-ready positioner to programmable, intelligent and or integrate with a robot. 

In many cases, taking a phased approach from automation-ready to programmable, intelligent and or integrated with a robot can have economical benefits. 


One customer was interested in transitioning from a manual approach to an Integrator Model positioner for a robotic solution. However, he wasn’t able to justify the initial capital investment. We learned more about his application needs and were able to recommend a phased approach: 

  1. Install a positioner with up, down and tilt functionality to work faster, safer and better than with the standard material handling equipment that was being used. 
  2. Utilize this base platform positioner for roughly 12 months to capture the return on investment and see the increased throughput results. 
  3. When ready, add an additional component to upgrade your non-programmable positioner to programmable and or integrate with a robot.

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