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ALM’s got your back when it comes to maximizing your ROI

Man with PositionerNo matter the industry, manufacturers of large products face challenges handling their products and setting up efficient processes. With the help of ALM Positioners, you can make your operation safer and more efficient by enabling workers to move components with ease and reducing the risk of injury.

The results positioners achieve are impressive. Many ALM customers report increasing throughput by as much as 30-40% in just the first year!

ALM’s service and support for positioners delivers expert installation, start-up services, preventative maintenance and more to ensure your welding or assembly positioner is performing at its best.

Installation and beyond

Are you holding off on your positioner investment because you’re worried about proper installation?

Rest assured that with an ALM positioner, you can opt for installation service on-site that sets your team up for success. Proper installation includes alignment of the headstock and tailstock and shimming to make sure the entire system is level.

An ALM technician will ensure proper attachment of additional rail packages and wobble joints. With the guidance and expertise of an ALM technician, your team can have the peace of mind that they’re working with a positioner that’s ready to perform starting on day one.

All new positioners professionally installed come with an additional one year of warranty – giving customers 24 months of warranty on their investment.  When all is said and done. That’s the kind of “got your back” service you can expect from ALM!

Keep your ROI consistent: What you can do

The best guarantee of a consistent return on your investment (ROI) is preventative maintenance. Your operators can serve as the first step in a preventative maintenance routine.

Daily, operators can verify there is no hydraulic fluid pooling around the machine. On a monthly basis, checks of the fluid levels and inspection of the grease on the column can fill in the gap between yearly preventative maintenance checks performed by an ALM technician.

ALM’s 25-point service

ALM offers a 25-point Preventative Maintenance Service offers a thorough inspection of your positioner and lubrication of the rotational points and column to evaluate and enhance performance.

At the end of the visit, the technician provides an inspection sheet for each unit with notes on any concerns that need to be addressed. With longevity in mind, ALM offers a 10% service discount on parts purchased in the 12 months following each preventative maintenance visit.

With proper care and regular upkeep, the positioner can do what it does best – putting parts in optimal position, maximizing arc time for the welder and assuring work is done safely and confidently.

Ready to see how you can invest in your operations with a positioner? We’re ready to help. Give our team a call at (309) 787-6200 or fill out our form.

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