Bottom line benefits: Increasing productivity for Mertz Manufacturing

Mertz Manufacturing, LLC., is a leader in the metalworking business. Founded more than 80 years ago in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Mertz has a solid reputation for the design, fabrication and manufacturing of durable, innovative and high-quality equipment. Mertz products have included compact utility loaders and mini excavators, oil and gas industry equipment, servo-hydraulic petroleum exploration vehicles, firefighting apparatus, agricultural vehicles and precision parts for large mining and construction equipment. Businesses in more than 30 countries have come to rely on the performance and durability of Mertz products.

Mertz’s management was introduced to ALM Positioners at the 2010 FABTECH trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after, they began employing ALM Positioners in their production process. Currently, Mertz has purchased over 20 positioners for their facilities.

We sat down with Paul Zimmerman, Mertz’s weld shop manager, to learn more about how ALM Positioners supports Mertz’s productivity.

How did Mertz start its relationship with ALM Positioners?

We were looking for a piece of equipment that would position our large weldments versus having to get a crane to change the welding position of our product.

How many units do you have now?


How many units did Mertz initially purchase?


If you had to pick the top benefit of using ALM Positioners, what would it be?

Time-saving. It goes right to the bottom line of what we are doing. We don’t have to wait on a crane to change its position. We just go over, hit a button and it moves.

So, it has been the impact on productivity that has been the primary benefit?

Yes, that’s the biggest impact of using ALM Positioners.

How about safety?

Safety. It’s 100% safer than having to sling chains, rig equipment and move it. You know you have to deal with humans, and you have a risk there.

How about the workers’ comfort?

They get it in a better position for flat welding…where they are more comfortable working and they don’t have to be up on a ladder. It’s that much safer for us all the way around.

Does comfort also add to productivity?

Yes, it does.

Do you have any bottom-line numbers of improved productivity or profitability?

I’d say, on a straight trailer, it has saved us 30% on our production time.

Has quality also improved?


Were the units easy to specify, design and order?


Were they delivered and installed on time?

Yes, we installed them ourselves, so there wasn’t any problem there.

This impact of Positioners on Mertz Manufacturing is a prime example of ALM Positioners providing a viable customer solution to improve throughput, safety, employee comfort, and profitability. At ALM Positioners, we feel that it is our responsibility to keep our US manufacturers in the best possible competitive position.

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