FAQ: Service and Maintenance

ALM aims to become your partner in service

ALM blog imageWhen a manufacturer invests in a positioner, they’re improving their processes through speed, safety and efficiency. At ALM Positioners, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that will no-doubt transform your manufacturing floor. We’re inspired by the countless ways our positioners have been utilized.

But we don’t just deliver on day one. ALM Positioners is committed to solidifying the return on investment through ongoing service and support.

From install to upkeep, let ALM Positioners keep handling the heavy lifting for years to come. Here are some frequently asked questions about our service offerings.

We need help with installation. What does that entail?

ALM’s installation service is based on the confidence that we know our product better than anyone else. Our expert technicians know how each positioner interacts with processes, how to align it and how to program it to the individual part. By optimizing the positioner on day one, your investment has a longer life. Assuring correct alignment minimizes premature wear that leads to service calls and downtime.

“The real advantage for our customers is having our technicians available to smooth out the process,” said Doug Fee, service manager. “When we walk out the door, the positioner is online, producing for them the way they expected and they’re seeing the benefits right off the bat.”

ALM believes in the value of installation assistance so much, we’re adding an additional year to your product warranty when you elect for installation services.

What training does ALM provide to help our team get up to speed on their new positioner?

Startup services are ideal for customers looking for the peace of mind that comes with optimizing their positioner and processes. With the ALM team on site, employees can ask questions, utilize support to configure the interface and secure smooth operation and even manipulation of the part.

“Most of the service calls we receive come in during or immediately following installation,” said Brett Stewart, director of operations. “Verifying the proper installation and use of the system correlates to increased life span of the components.”

We want to minimize downtime. What preventative maintenance does ALM recommend?

ALM recommends a routine schedule that takes the heavy lifting out of proper maintenance and upkeep. First, by building checks into your processes, operators can serve as the first line of defense by verifying there is no hydraulic fluid pooling around the machine, which can indicate a larger problem.

While incremental checks are simply out of an abundance of caution, they can also bridge into the maintenance program that offers year-round confidence in your positioner. ALM recommends a yearly maintenance review comprised of a 25-point check of the positioner, focusing on major components, fluids and an assessment of premature wear. The on-site ALM technician will grease all rotational points, inspect lift function and grease the column if needed. An end of visit report will be provided for each positioner with notes on any concerns that may need to be addressed.

“We back our product throughout its whole life,” said Stewart. “We believe in providing value through maintenance services to ensure you stay up and running.”

For our customers who take advantage of our preventative maintenance plan, ALM will offer a 10% parts discount for the entire 12 months after that visit. Preventative maintenance also allows the ALM team to anticipate future needs by ordering parts ahead of time and scheduling installation.

How can I reach the support team outside of my regular service schedule?

We are always ready to assist over the phone, whether you need to order parts or get product support.

Bottom line: Our hope is to become your partner in service. You know the machine will run at peak efficiency; with the guarantee your costs will be lower overall through exceptional service.

Ready for a positioner to transform your production process? We’re ready to help. Give our team a call at (309) 787-6200 or fill out our form.

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