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Kevin Toft explains, in The Fabricator, 'How welding positioners increase throughput while improving quality and safety'.

  • Look at what our customers say.

    “We cut our fabrication time from 6,000 hours to 3,000 hours per boat.”

  • Jack Stephens, Owner, Chesapeake Yachts
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  • “I’d say, on a straight trailer, it has saved us 30% on our production time.”

  • Paul Zimmerman - Mertz’s Weld Shop Manager
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  • “The lift units have definitely reduced handling time and the space needed for staging. They gave us the improved operator ergonomics and safety we wanted,”

  • Ernie Swafford - Caterpillar's assembly systems technician
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  • “We've economized our space, increased our efficiency, and increased our output since installing the lift in our system.”

  • Ed Burgess - Pioneer project manager
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