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Installing your positioner is key to ensuring the highest level of performance and safety for your floor. With ALM’s installation services, our technicians ensure the positioner is ready for heavy lifting from day one.

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What’s included in installation services?

Our experienced technicians first work to understand exactly how your positioner will be used, and the layout in which it will be installed. Once we have the details of your installation, we can get started installing the positioner. The installation can take as little as a few hours to complete.

Services include:

  • Assurance that the headstock and tailstock are properly aligned.
  • Proper shimming to make sure that the system is level.
  • Proper attachment of any purchased rail packages and wobble joints.
  • Set up of the PLC settings.
  • Training of the customer’s staff on the use of the positioner.
  • Review of the recommended preventive maintenance schedule and how it is performed.

Interested in pricing, the pre-installation customer checklist and more? Download our sales sheet.

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