4 K Elevating Headstock with Adjustable Tailstock

Max Capacity
4,000 lbs.
Tilt Torque
42,000 in-lbs.
Tilt Speed
Vertical Travel
Tailstock Style

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Product Overview

Elevating Short Stroke Fixed Headstock/Adjustable Rail Tailstock positioners are designed for elevating and tilt applications that require a vertical stroke of 24 inches or less and where the part length varies and requires precision due to a rigid part and/or fixture. In this application, the headstock and rails are bolted to the floor, and the tailstock slides along the rail through manual pushing.

Control Platforms

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Our non-programmable positioners are ideally suited for required manual control of part positioning for heavy, demanding jobs.


Quality Policy

ALM Positioners strives to provide customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time, providing outstanding customer service, and supporting a company culture of continuous improvement.

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