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ALM Materials Handling Recognizes Two Sales Milestones for WELD Specialty Supply Corp.

WELD Specialty AwardsJanuary 2014, Streator, ILL -

Weld Specialty is the winner of ALM Materials Handling's President's Award for The Top Distributor of 2013, and the first member of their Million Dollar Club for sales exceeding $1,000,000 for the year.

Weld Specialty is currently Wisconsin's largest independent welding distributor.  Their Vice President, Scott St Peter, said, "Weld Specialty has focused on growth through CUSTOMER SERVICE, INNOVATIVE COST SAVING PROGRAMS and representing the BEST PRODUCTS IN THE INDUSTRY." 

Weld Specialty placed their first order with ALM in December 2011.  They continued planting the seeds of success throughout 2012 by attending ALM's sales meetings; learning the ease of operation of ALM's designs and the broad range of applications that benefit from lift-positioning equipment.

St Peter cites several instances where the benefits of the ALM positioners have been proven by their customers. "After introducing an ALM positioner to a new customer, he reported significant production savings as well as establishing a safer work environment for their employees.  As a result they've ordered two additional ALM units" said St Peter.    "In another instance, a well known crane manufacturer with global facilities, decided to add a positioner to their Wisconsin facility.  After evaluating a number of competitive units they looked at ALM's offering and decided it was the most versatile and cost-effective solution, plus they realized they already had successful applications using ALM Equipment in their plants in Pennsylvania and Brazil."  St Peter told of another customer who purchased two ALM units in early 2013, "After having these units in production for several months they saw a 30% gain in productivity compared to using conventional head and tailstock positioners which lacked ALM's lifting capability.  As a result, they have now purchased three additional ALM units."

ALM's President, Doug Grunnet, said: "We really appreciate Weld Specialty's professionalism and hard work over the past couple of years. They've been a team player, focusing on IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY, QUALITY AND SAFETY FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS and, as a result, they increased everyone's bottom line. "

ALM Positioners can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements and provide improved weld quality; simplified tool access; consistent repeatable assembly procedures; higher productivity; reduced consumables; proper ergonomics with reduced operator fatigue and injury risk; resulting in higher throughput and profits.

ALM Materials Handling is a successful manufacturer of unique headstock/tailstock positioner lifts.   Manufactured in Streator, Illinois, in a 65,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility, ALM's unique positioner designs have proven to be a more cost effective equipment investment while boosting production throughput as much as 35%.

For more information contact:
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ALM Materials Handling
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